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TMJ – A Closer Look

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorder) affects thousands of people, and it is something that rarely gets better on its own.

emergencydentist sacramento031 150x150 TMJ   A Closer LookThe fact of the matter is that TMJ is known to get worse with time!  What it comes down to is, TMJ is swelling and inflammation where the jawbone and skull come together.

Most of the time the pain is located to the jaw area and sometimes the ears, but it has been known to cause severe head aches and other health related problems

If you think that you’re suffering from TMJ the best thing you can do is get into your dentist right away and have them take some x rays and do an examination.

The dentist will be able to feel the joints in your jaw and determine how much inflammation there is, and what type of treatment is necessary.

Sometimes the simplest treatment can be the one that provides the most comfort to a patient.  First, you can take over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs to see if that will help.

The dentist will probably tell you that as well, but if that doesn’t work they may try something a little different.  They can refer you to a specialist that will teach you how to do exercises that will relax your jaw and hopefully relieve some of that tension.

Another great thing that dentists can do for people that have TMJ is to create a bite plate for that person.  Bite plates are used to make sure that every time that person bites down their teeth are coming into just the right place.

This will relieve much of the grinding and pressure exerted on the jaws by one another.  Many patients have found that this gives them the most relief from their TMJ symptoms.