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Dental Implants

Emergency Dentist Sacramento takes a look at dental implants.

Do you need a tooth replacement? if so, you should look into dental implants. Dental surgeons can implant artificial teeth into just about anybody, regardless of age or the condition of the mouth. Implants are a perfect option for those that have several missing teeth, and they don’t want to deal with dentures.

A dental surgeon takes a piece of titanium and implants it into the bone. As the body heals the titanium screw will bond with the bone making it just like any other tooth, except stronger. Basically, it performs like a root. Titanium is hypoallergenic, which means that everybody can get them done and not have to worry about adverse reactions.

The teeth will look just like any other teeth, which is nice because you won’t have to explain to people why your smile looks different. They’re functional too, you’ll be able to eat food and not have to worry about teeth falling out or coming unglued from the roof of your mouth. Implants are good for more than just replacing teeth, some dentists use them to support other dental work that they’re already doing such as crowns or bridges. They are also great for preventing teeth from sliding if you’ve got gaps.

A dentist can take a look at your teeth and let you know if implants are right for you. There is always something they can do to improve the overall look and function of your teeth, there are procedures out there that most people aren’t even aware of. So for your own benefit you should go in and talk to a specialist about your teeth.

What Is Gingivitis

Emergency Dentist Sacramento knows good brushing habits are by far the best thing that you can do for your mouth.

Many people forget that good hygiene and oral care is related to the health of the entire mouth, not just the teeth.

Brushing gets the bacteria out of your mouth, off of your enamel and tongue.  Plaque and tartar is the cause of cavities, bad breath, and gingivitis.  One third of all adult tooth loss is attributed to some form of gum disease.The build up of plaque can cause enamel to weaken in areas which will then form cavities, and these can occur between teeth as well.

Using a good floss that contains fluoride will keep the spaces between teeth clean, as well as condition gums to keep them strong.  Some people notice a small amount of blood when they brush their gums, or floss.  But this isn’t anything to be worried about, as time goes on the gums will strengthen and they won’t bleed so much.

Most bad breath germs come from the tongue.  There are all sorts of bacteria that grow on the tongue, even fungus!  Brushing the tongue twice a day will keep these bacteria to a minimum.  Also, you can use mouth wash which will kill the bacteria for a longer period of time.  Overall, the key to having a healthy mouth is to take care of it at least twice a day.

It may be somewhat of a burden at times but when you go to the dentist and see good results it will all be worth it. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important, but do you know exactly how bacteria combines with your saliva to form tartar which can lead to all sorts of nasty dental problems like Gingivitis and tooth loss?

Yeah, me neither but here is a really cool video on what can happen and what you can do to prevent tooth decay and other dental catastrophes!

Pretty interesting, huh? I’m the last person on earth to give advise about seeing the dentist but I can say I wish I knew then what I know now and would have seen a dentist regularly for cleanings… and so should you!

Can Visiting The Dentist Be fun?

I would never say that going to the dentist is fun, or funny… unless it is someone else sitting in the examination chair!

At emergency dentist Sacramento it is a good thing to keep things in perspective and although having a dental emergency can be quite a nightmare, we should never take life so seriously that we become miserable to ourselves and those around us.

So, we take a break from talking about what a great dentist Dr. Wong is and pause to share a laugh with you.

I hope you find the following video funny and can find a moment to smile… and speaking of smiles, if yours is not where it should be I sure hope you give my favorite dentist in Virginia Beach a call.

Enjoy the video!

Coffee is Good for Your Teeth?

Everyone I know says coffee is bad for your teeth but what I think they mean to say is that it stains your teeth. Here at Emergency Dentist Sacramento we like to get the story straight!

I believe that coffee stains teeth but if you brush your teeth regularly this should not be a problem. And here is the cool thing, I just found an article that says drinking coffee, which I do a lot of, is actually good for your oral health, including reducing your risk for cancers in the mouth!

Link Between Coffee and Dental Care – Lower Your Oral Cancer Risk

By Jenny L McCoy

Studies have already shown that coffee may benefit dental care by reducing the risk of developing cavities. Now there’s even more good news for java junkies. Researchers have discovered that drinking a lot of coffee actually lowers your risk of mouth and throat cancer.

According to the findings featured in Web MD, people who drink more than four servings of coffee daily have nearly a 40% lower chance of contracting mouth or throat cancer when compared to people who don’t drink coffee. For those who drank less than five cups of coffee daily, the level of protection fell to still significant 4% lower odds for contracting mouth and throat cancer for each cup of coffee consumed each day. Protection for oral and pharyngeal cancer was evident, but protection against cancer of the larynx was not.

Coffee’s protective effect was shown to remain intact even for drinkers and smokers, despite the fact that tobacco and alcohol consumption are linked to head and neck cancers. Additionally, the protection effect didn’t demonstrate a boost by consuming fruits and vegetables, which are also known to protect against head and neck cancers.

The researchers at the University of Milan reached these findings when they analyzed nine studies comparing 5,139 people with head and neck cancer to 9,028 people without cancer.

So, which ingredient in coffee is responsible for reducing the risk of oral cancer? The study dismissed caffeine as a likely possibility since drinking tea, even in mass quantities, was not protective.

The researchers pointed out that coffee contains hundreds of chemicals. Of those, cafestol and kahweol have anti-cancer properties. However, future studies will have to determine more decidedly if these chemicals actually protect against cancer in people.

Previous studies in Wired Magazine have credited Trigonelline, an alkaloid, in coffee as a cavity-fighting agent. While the ingredient is recognized for giving coffee its taste, it’s also proven to prevent craters from forming in teeth, averting the cavity-causing bacterium Streptococcus from attaching to teeth.

The American Dental Association reminds us that coffee alone cannot create optimal dental health. In fact, excess coffee can stain teeth. The ADA recommends traditional dental care that includes brushing twice daily, flossing each day, eating a balanced diet, and regularly visiting the dentist. members can choose from more than 30 discount dental plans and over 100,000 participating dentist listings in combined networks nationwide. Ready to start saving on your dental care today? A discount dental plan is the anesthesia for your bank account! Visit and enter your ZIP code to find the plan that’s best for you!

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Okay, great news today because i’m not giving up my coffee!!!