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The Word Is Spreading

This site, Emergency Dentist Sacramento, is getting a small handful of visits each day now and I sure hope people are taking my advise and setting an appointment with Dr Wong to take care of their emergency dental needs.

However, you do not need to be in pain or discomfort to go see them.  In fact, it is better to visit a dentist BEFORE you actually really need one.

I’m in the service business by trade and people tend to call me when things are no longer working and they are in great discomfort.  If they had called me before things broke down and had me do some preventative maintenance, they would not find themselves in these desperate situations.  Makes sense, right?

Same is true for your teeth I suppose.  You can brush and floss and do all the right things but you still need to visit a dentist each year to get a professional cleaning or to handle small problems before they become big ones.

A recent study stated that tooth and gum health was linked to disease in the body.  I’m not sure how true that all is because I do not trust the medical establishement and know that these studies can be influenced by those with the most to gain.

But, what I do know is that a healthy smile can affect both your professional and personal life in a positive way and you only have one set of grown up teeth so you need to take care of them.

Anyway, if you need an emergency dentist in Sacramento, or you just want to make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned, Dr Wong  is your man.  You have my word that he and his staff will take super great care of your and your family at a price you can be comfortable with!

Dentist Appointment – When Should You Make One?

Emergency Dentist knows when you go through pain; each of us has their own threshold.

emergencydentist sacramento11 Dentist Appointment   When Should You Make One?There comes a time when a person can only handle so much. A lot of people wait a long period of time before going in and getting things fixed; in some cases this ends up making things worse.

The best suggestion would be to get into the Dentist as soon as you have mouth pain. Most likely the source of the pain is an effected tooth and you should get it fixed as soon as you can!

It is a fact that ignoring the pain of the infected tooth will only make the problem worse. Teeth do not have the ability to repair themselves or get better with time.

Everything that happens with them is a direct result of what you do. So if you’re in pain and you go to the dentist you’re doing all you can do for your teeth.

The first thing the dentist is going to do is make sure that your pain level is manageable. Some people that have exposed nerves can hardly do anything at all, so the dentist will make sure that everything is numb.

The next step is checking for infection, and this can mean that they will give you antibiotics or they will do some work to remove the infection manually from your teeth.

A dentist can do anything from relieving pressure to reshaping the gum line, whatever is needed to ensure that the best possible treatment is given to their patient.

There are a lot of different things that a dentist can do within the span of just a couple of hours that could mean the difference between happiness and misery for an affected person!

Healthy Teeth – Following Some Simple Steps

Emergency Dentist Sacramento gives some simple Tips to ensure healthy teeth when your children are small.

healthy teeth 150x150 Healthy Teeth   Following Some Simple StepsOr, even before they are born, to ensure that their teeth are in the best condition possible.  During pregnancy if a woman keeps a proper diet full of nutrients her baby is more likely to have teeth in better condition.

Even though the teeth are barely forming when the baby is inside the womb it is the most vital part of that child’s life, and a deficiency in anything can cause problems that will show up later.  But as long as the mother is getting enough calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins the baby has a good shot at having stronger teeth when they come out.

Once the baby is born there are two options, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  Bottle fed babies are more likely to experience tooth decay.  This is probably because babies have a tendency to fall asleep while eating, and with a bottle they will keep suckling the bottle long after they fall asleep.  The substance they are drinking will linger on the enamel and cause damage.

If possible it is best to breastfeed babies for as long as possible, among many of the health advantages strong healthy teeth are one of them.  Mother’s milk has plenty of antibodies that will protect the baby, even their teeth, from decay.

There are special toothpastes and soft brushes or sponges that can be used to clean babies teeth.  Cleaning their teeth at least once a day will dramatically reduce the instance of tooth decay.

For people that live in areas that contain fluoride in the water the instance of tooth decay and children is much less.  But fluoridation is usually confined to metropolitan areas, and even then some people choose to use bottled water for their babies.  Either way, there are many preventative things that can be done to prevent young ones from developing tooth problems.