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This site was created to help frustrated tooth pain sufferers find an Emergency Dentist in the Sacramento area and beyond who are afraid to go to the dentist because of bad past experiences and the fear of what fixing the problem cost.

When the pain gets so bad, you have no choice but to try and find a dentist to help, and when you can’t, that pain turns into real fear.

I started this website so those suffering would know where to turn to get emergency dental treatment in the Sacramento area at a price they could afford.

I am not affiliated with the dentists I recommend in any way… This is purely public service!!!!


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Sunrise Family Dentistry

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Madison Sunrise Dental Care

5341 Sunrise Blvd.

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Tel:(916) 961-2000

Bright Now Dental Network – Sacramento *

591 Watt Avenue
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Manteca Dental Care *

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Emergency Dentists – Call 24/7 *

877-674-3347 – Available 24/7.

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Dentist Sacramento

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Sandhu Dental Group.

3811 Florin Rd, Ste 8
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We are available to help you 24/7!

 Henderson Tana *

201 S Wilma Ave
Ripon, CA zip code

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Preventing Gum Disease

Emergency Dentist Sacramento takes a look at Gum Disease Prevention.

The majority of Americans are going to have to deal with gum disease at some point in their lives, so this information may prove itself to be useful.  One of the hardest things to understand about gum disease is the fact that it can be prevented in almost all cases if people just knew what to do.

1.    Good oral habits and practicing good oral hygiene.  It is all too common for people to forget to floss, use mouthwash, and even brush their teeth.  The damage that is done to teeth is spread out over such a long time that many people just don’t think about it.  If people knew how much decay can be caused with just a missed brushing a few times they would take their oral care much more seriously.

2.    Drinking plenty of water keeps healthy saliva flowing through the mouth.  Saliva is natures way of killing bacteria and keeping teeth healthy, for the most part.  So when people drink lots of sugary drinks and sodas not only do they deprive their mouth of the saliva it needs, but they coat their teeth in sugar which is a catalyst for bacterial growth and damage.

3.    Trust the dentist!  Their job is to make sure that their patient’s mouths, not just teeth, are as healthy as possible.  Never be afraid to ask a dentist how to do something, or what method is best for the circumstances.  Regular cleaning and visits will promote the health of teeth, and also it gives the dentist a good comparison just in case anything ever does go wrong.


If  for some reason gum disease does start to present itself the dentist can take care of it right away using any one of a number of procedures that will strengthen the gums.

Everybody is capable of preventing gum disease to a certain extent, and any dentist will agree with that.  The best thing to do if there is even the slightest thought that gum disease may be developing is to get into the dentist right away to get it looked at.

Emergency Dentist Sacramento – Dental Medical Emergencies


Just like with other medical emergencies you cannot help when you need services;

emergencydentistsacramento80 Emergency Dentist Sacramento   Dental Medical EmergenciesEven if it’s in the middle of the night.

Dentists are available to take care of emergency  dental procedures 24/7, you just have to know where to find one.

Most people assume that dentists are only available during regular business hours to do routine exams and cleaning, but almost all cities have emergency dentists on call to take care of emergencies.

So what is an emergency?  Well, the first factor in determining if you have an emergency is your level of pain.

If you have relatively no pain odds are that you can wait until the next day to go in.  But if you have a high level of pain you should contact the emergency dentist.

Pain is going to make it difficult for you to sleep, eat, or drink.  It will ruin your night.

Ignoring a dental problem will make it worse.  When it comes to tooth decay, infection, cracked/chipped teeth, or broken dental work it should all be taken care of as soon as possible.

Especially in the case of an infection, if the infection spreads it could be life threatening.  If previously existing dental work falls out or breaks you should go in right away to get it redone so you don’t risk further damage to your dentin or roots.

If you even think you’re having a dental emergency it is best to call and get a hold of a dental professional.  They can give you advice and recommend treatment right away, or waiting until the next day for treatment.

Either way, you’re going to want to know how to get in contact with that dentist and get your problems taken care of quickly.

DENTAL CARE – Who’s Scared To Go?

emergency dentist sacramento11 150x150 DENTAL CARE – Who’s Scared To Go?When is a good time to introduce your child to a dentist and dental care?

I would strongly suggest that you introduce your children to dental care before they had any problems with their teeth.

You want them to start out with a positive experience – thus, lessening the possibility of any dentist phobias.

Go ahead and laugh – I’m one of those people who developed an early fear of dentists.

My First Experience

I was very young, and one of my baby teeth became an abscessed tooth – not a pleasant feeling.  Anyway, it was my father’s duty to take me to the dentist.  In the dentist office, I was told to swish some strong, green liquid in my mouth and spit it out.

I was to do that until all the liquid in the glass was gone – then go back to the dentist chair and sit down.

I, being the obedient child, did as I was told.  I swished and spit, and once done, climbed into the dentist chair.  I did not have a clue of what was going to happen next, until of course, the dentist told me to open my mouth and began to pull my tooth out.

Low and behold, the green liquid I had swished in my mouth was the antiseptic!  Well, surprise, surprise – it didn’t work!

With my father holding me down in the chair, I felt every pain, heard every grinding sound – and the experience remained alive and strong in my memory—a memory that followed me throughout my childhood and into adulthood.

After that experience, my love for the dentist and the very sound of a drill would put me into a panic.  No matter how I rationalized it, no matter how much I told myself how stupid I was for feeling the fear – it would not go away.

My Experience As An Adult

It took me a long time to overcome my fear of dentists.  I finally found a dentist who I could talk too, and say, “Hey, this is the experience I had – this is the fear I have – can I trust you not to hurt me.”  Well, my dentist understood my fears – and I’m happy to say that I felt that if he could calm my fears I could trust him with my young boys.

When To Take Your Children To The Dentist?

When do you take your children to the dentist?  Before they have any cavities or any other ugly problems. Take your children to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned and looked at – let the comfort level build between your child and your dentist.

So when there are any problems with their teeth – they know the dentist won’t hurt them.

That is what I did for my children.  I set them up with my dentist before they had any problems.  I did not want them to have the same fears that I had.  And it seemed to have worked.

If you don’t have dental insurance, look into discount dental insurance, such as Dental Plans – you can choose a plan that meets your budget – and in most cases the cleanings are free.

And if you have dental insurance, and you have children, give them a positive experience to remember – it will make the next visit to the dentist an everyday occurrence, instead of a stressful visit to hell.