Tooth Loss And The Dental Bridge

Over the years dealing with tooth loss has become something that most people aren’t afraid of anymore.

emergencydentist sacramento058 150x150 Tooth Loss And The Dental BridgeSure, it is inconvenient and can be costly but there is always an option out there to compensate for missing teeth or getting teeth taken out.

That is what makes the dental industry so great, they just keep advancing!

If teeth aren’t replaced the person runs the risk of their other teeth shifting to fill in the gap, this can result in problems with the bite or crooked teeth.

Neither of which is appealing to the eye or easy to live with.  Many dentists are using dental bridges now to fill the space between teeth.

Basically what they do is bridge the gap between two existing teeth with an artificial bridge and tooth.  These bridges strengthen the teeth that they are attached to with the use of crowns.

Usually people can’t tell when someone gets a bridge, because it looks and behaves like a normal tooth most people just think that it looks like a nice smile.

The bridges are constructed at the dentists office using a mold of your existing teeth, and gap, and sent off to a lab where the actual bridge is constructed.

After it is sent back it is only one short dentist visit and then you are all good to go.

Dentists are able to identify the best procedures for filling in missing teeth.  There are always options out there for people that are just looking to live with a normal smile and function in everyday life.

Dental bridges are a fairly common procedure done by dentists to ensure that their patients experience a higher quality of life after a tooth replacement.

Root Canals – When Is It Time To Get A Root Canal?

Root canals are probably the most dreaded of all dental procedures.

emergency dentist sacramento09 150x150 Root Canals   When Is It Time To Get A Root Canal?Getting a root canal consists of removing all the inner parts of the tooth to kill and prevent any future infection or damage to a tooth.  Pulp chambers are the centers in teeth that contain cells, nerves, and the blood supply.

The pulp chambers are removed along with the root, the tooth is then cleaned and filled with compounds to strengthen the tooth.

Technically the tooth is dead after the root canal, but because it has been preserved it should last and function for a very long time.  The reason that root canals are an important, although unfortunate, procedure is that once infection reaches the pulp or root of a tooth it is highly likely that the infection and decay will continue to spread.

In that case invasive surgery is required to kill off the infection and save whatever is possible of the tooth, and surrounding teeth.

Usually people know ahead of time if they are going to need to get a root canal.  Some of the signs that a person may need a root canal are: having a history of tooth decay, inflammation, bleeding, soreness, cracking, and previous dental work falling apart.  Also, if there is a known infection in a tooth it is likely that a person will get a root canal.

Root canals can be painful because not only is a large section of nerve and pulp removed but the drilling can cause inflammation.  If the infection is bad enough a dentist may put their patient on antibiotics to continue to fight the infection from the inside.

Pressure builds up in teeth which can cause pinches nerves and even greater pain.  But in the long run, getting a root canal is less painful than dying of sepsis.

Dental Repairs – Your Smile Is A Big Deal

When it comes to dental repairs you want to make sure you’re getting the best value around.

emergencydentist sacramento057 150x150 Dental Repairs   Your Smile Is A Big DealThe perfect fix is one that lasts a long time, because teeth aren’t like bones or organs, they do not heal themselves.

Once you get work done on that tooth it is there to stay, and if it ever erodes or chips it will have to be fixed again.

The best way to take care of your mouth is to get routine check ups, x rays, and dental repairs when needed. The earlier that you get problems fixed the less money you’re going to spend.

If you have a cavity it is much cheaper and faster to get a filling put in the cavity, if you let the cavity continue to get worse you’ll end up having a root canal or crown. Both of which usually cost thousands out of pocket, and are very painful.

If you do end up having a root canal, crown, or filling you have several different options to you that can save you money. There are different compounds that dentists use to cover and protect teeth, or fill cavities.

The cheaper of the options is amalgam, a mix of metals that will last for years. The coloring is silver. Another option is porcelain, it performs as well as amalgam but it costs over twice as much, and the coloring is matched to your natural tooth color.

Your smile is a big part of who you are, everybody that you know is going to see your teeth at some point.

If you want to really take care of them you’re going to need to take good care of them with regular brushing and flossing, but if you do have to get some dental work done hopefully now you have a better idea of what you want.

Dental Braces

Emergency Dentist Sacramento takes  a look at Dental Braces.

emergency dentist sacramento058 150x150 Dental BracesDental braces, Also called braces, are used to straighten a patient’s teeth, improve a bite, and improve overall dental health.  They are used to correct over and under bites, crooked teeth, fill gaps, and align the jaw.  Usually the process of correcting teeth with braces can be sped up by using different dental procedures.

By applying pressure the braces move teeth into desired locations, usually over a period of months or years depending on the severity of the condition.  They are constructed out of various types of metal, usually steel or titanium, and placed on the teeth by an orthodontist.  Once the braces are on they require monthly checkups for tightening and alignment.

Any type of gum disease can make the process of getting braces more difficult, the mouth has to be in fairly good health before any orthodontist will apply the braces.  Deep cleanings can be performed along with regular dental care that will improve the health of the mouth and make it possible for a patient to get braces.

Orthodontists go to school for an extra two to three years to obtain the skills necessary for putting braces in someone’s mouth.  There are many different kinds of braces that are targeted to different age and severity levels, and there are different options available to reduce cost for patients that are on a budget.

As soon as the braces are removed patients will see that their teeth are healthier and straighter.  For those that have severe dental problems such as under/over bites the results are even more amazing, they will finally be able to eat food and talk.  The first step to getting braces is going in and getting some X rays and an exam.