Healthy Teeth – Following Some Simple Steps

Emergency Dentist Sacramento gives some simple Tips to ensure healthy teeth when your children are small.

healthy teeth 150x150 Healthy Teeth   Following Some Simple StepsOr, even before they are born, to ensure that their teeth are in the best condition possible.  During pregnancy if a woman keeps a proper diet full of nutrients her baby is more likely to have teeth in better condition.

Even though the teeth are barely forming when the baby is inside the womb it is the most vital part of that child’s life, and a deficiency in anything can cause problems that will show up later.  But as long as the mother is getting enough calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins the baby has a good shot at having stronger teeth when they come out.

Once the baby is born there are two options, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  Bottle fed babies are more likely to experience tooth decay.  This is probably because babies have a tendency to fall asleep while eating, and with a bottle they will keep suckling the bottle long after they fall asleep.  The substance they are drinking will linger on the enamel and cause damage.

If possible it is best to breastfeed babies for as long as possible, among many of the health advantages strong healthy teeth are one of them.  Mother’s milk has plenty of antibodies that will protect the baby, even their teeth, from decay.

There are special toothpastes and soft brushes or sponges that can be used to clean babies teeth.  Cleaning their teeth at least once a day will dramatically reduce the instance of tooth decay.

For people that live in areas that contain fluoride in the water the instance of tooth decay and children is much less.  But fluoridation is usually confined to metropolitan areas, and even then some people choose to use bottled water for their babies.  Either way, there are many preventative things that can be done to prevent young ones from developing tooth problems.