Crowns – An Overview

Crowns are one of the most popular dental procedures used to save teeth from decay.

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An Overview:

The process involves encompassing the entire tooth in a material that will prevent decay, reduce sensitivity, and still keep the tooth alive.

They are usually used when a cavity has gotten so large that a filling would be inadequate and the cavity is threatening to kill the tooth.

There are several different materials that can be used to cover the tooth, and then bonded to the tooth using special cement.

Depending on where the tooth is located and the cosmetic appeal patients may choose a material that blends with the natural teeth they already have.

A dentist will take an impression of the decaying tooth, as well as those alongside it, and send the mold off to a lab where that tooth impression will be used to sculpt a cover.

The desired material has to be chosen by this point because that is what the cover is made out of.  While the crown is being made the dentist will give the patient a temporary crown that is cemented on, which is meant to last up to a few weeks while the other tooth is being prepared.

Once the crown is ready it can be placed on the tooth in a single visit, usually without the need of any pain medications.

As soon as the crown is placed on the tooth and the cement has dried the patient can use that tooth like they would any other.

Crowns are good for up to fifteen years.  Crowns are a good choice for people of all ages, even young children with dental problems.

They can be redone fairly easily and are much more cost effective when compared to root canals and other procedures.