Dental Braces

Emergency Dentist Sacramento takes  a look at Dental Braces.

emergency dentist sacramento058 150x150 Dental BracesDental braces, Also called braces, are used to straighten a patient’s teeth, improve a bite, and improve overall dental health.  They are used to correct over and under bites, crooked teeth, fill gaps, and align the jaw.  Usually the process of correcting teeth with braces can be sped up by using different dental procedures.

By applying pressure the braces move teeth into desired locations, usually over a period of months or years depending on the severity of the condition.  They are constructed out of various types of metal, usually steel or titanium, and placed on the teeth by an orthodontist.  Once the braces are on they require monthly checkups for tightening and alignment.

Any type of gum disease can make the process of getting braces more difficult, the mouth has to be in fairly good health before any orthodontist will apply the braces.  Deep cleanings can be performed along with regular dental care that will improve the health of the mouth and make it possible for a patient to get braces.

Orthodontists go to school for an extra two to three years to obtain the skills necessary for putting braces in someone’s mouth.  There are many different kinds of braces that are targeted to different age and severity levels, and there are different options available to reduce cost for patients that are on a budget.

As soon as the braces are removed patients will see that their teeth are healthier and straighter.  For those that have severe dental problems such as under/over bites the results are even more amazing, they will finally be able to eat food and talk.  The first step to getting braces is going in and getting some X rays and an exam.