What Is Gingivitis

Emergency Dentist Sacramento knows good brushing habits are by far the best thing that you can do for your mouth.

Many people forget that good hygiene and oral care is related to the health of the entire mouth, not just the teeth.

Brushing gets the bacteria out of your mouth, off of your enamel and tongue.  Plaque and tartar is the cause of cavities, bad breath, and gingivitis.  One third of all adult tooth loss is attributed to some form of gum disease.The build up of plaque can cause enamel to weaken in areas which will then form cavities, and these can occur between teeth as well.

Using a good floss that contains fluoride will keep the spaces between teeth clean, as well as condition gums to keep them strong.  Some people notice a small amount of blood when they brush their gums, or floss.  But this isn’t anything to be worried about, as time goes on the gums will strengthen and they won’t bleed so much.

Most bad breath germs come from the tongue.  There are all sorts of bacteria that grow on the tongue, even fungus!  Brushing the tongue twice a day will keep these bacteria to a minimum.  Also, you can use mouth wash which will kill the bacteria for a longer period of time.  Overall, the key to having a healthy mouth is to take care of it at least twice a day.

It may be somewhat of a burden at times but when you go to the dentist and see good results it will all be worth it. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important, but do you know exactly how bacteria combines with your saliva to form tartar which can lead to all sorts of nasty dental problems like Gingivitis and tooth loss?

Yeah, me neither but here is a really cool video on what can happen and what you can do to prevent tooth decay and other dental catastrophes!

Pretty interesting, huh? I’m the last person on earth to give advise about seeing the dentist but I can say I wish I knew then what I know now and would have seen a dentist regularly for cleanings… and so should you!